Zen And The Art of Stand Up Comedy

I once dreamed of being a stand-up comedian.

I memorized every Robin Williams bit.

I studied Bill Cosby (HOW the jell did he get so creepy ?!!!?).

I just loved the process they used to make people laugh.

Plus lots of friends and family told me I should do it because I'm funny. And like lots of comedians - I don't do jokes.

I do funny stories and bits.

Jokes are good - but you really need a joke writer and memorize them. I just enjoy pointing out the absurdities of situations.

So one time in college while home from summer, I saw an ad in the newspaper.

You know back when I read a newspaper.

It offered a chance to perform in front of a crowd. I could do whatever talent I wanted to do.

I thought I would try comedy.

Now - the goal was to sell tickets to your friends and family so they would come and vote for you.

But I didn't want to do that. I wasn't that scared of selling tickets.

I wanted a real test though.

I wanted to see if I could make a complete room of strangers laugh.

And I didn't want to win the show. The winner was going to get on a 2nd tier talent TV show. But 2nd place was a better gig.

At least a better gig for a single 21 year old.

A week on a cruise ship.

Yes, I was hoping I could get booked as the comedian for a week on a cruise ship just to meet girls.

And by meet girls, I really mean have lots of Bibical relations with foreign girls :).

Which considering I basically picked my graduate school degree entirely based on having best odds of meeting girls (Library school) - this shouldn't be a surprise.

Anyway - I did 5 minutes at the show.

I made entire room laugh.

Based on audience reaction - I had the best response of any other performer.

But I didn't get any votes. Because the voting was just it is now - people vote for their friends.

Oh well.

I've been on lots of cruises with my wife. Whom I met in library school.

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