The Struggle At The Steakhouse

When you visit a new city do you eat at a known chain or do you try something new?

My wife and I were in Fort Worth. At Sundance Square which is the heart of downtown.

Now to be candid, Fort Worth isn't "new" - we go there about once a year. But we live on the north side of the Dallas metroplex so you have to have reason to go.

However, in Sundance Square there are lots of restaraunts.

Including a Pizza Uno. Which is the famous pizza chain from Chicago.

And my wife hadn't eaten at since she was in Chicago many years ago.

But one of our favorite Mexican chains was there too.

What to do?

We went to see the play we had come downtown to see. And came out.

In between, we decided to try the nice steak place.

But even at 4:30 about 300 other people thought that steak place was good idea too. Including filling up the bar.

And I don't think they liked my new cowboy hat. The one everyone else complimented me on.

Which point I said why don't we just do pizza. You liked it. And we can get Mexican anytime but it's an hour drive here.

So we had Pizza Uno. And we loved it.

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