Terrifying First Job Interview

If you were nearly killed on your way for your first job interview would you still go?

I have mixed feelings on Kevin Costner as an actor.

I love The Untouchables.

I love him in Silverado.

I saw Robin Hoode 3 times in the theater.

And who doesn't get all choked up watching Field of Dreams.

But then he has had a string of movies, that just bored me.

Including Draft Day. Which I wanted to like because I'm a huge NFL fan. But it was just a boring movie.

However, I was listening to him on Tim Ferriss podcast. And he talked about how on his first audition.

He was driving his old pickup truck. And because his gas pedal got stuck - he nearly killed himself on the freeway.

Instead he managed to stop.

Hopped out.

Hitchhiked to the audition.

Alas he didn't get it.

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