Minimilist Hot Dogs

PAPAYA!!!!!! said in Minion voice.

I love Minions.

And hot dogs.

I hate papaya. Actually I hate most fruit.

But I love Tony Bourdain.

One episode of No Reservations or whatever his CNN shows is called, he was in NYC.

And ended up at his favorite hot dog place. In Greenwich Village.

Papaya Dog.

I had to meet sales guys before we met the customer. I walked from Time Square down to near the 9/11 memorial. Where they were going to meet lunch.

I was planning to skip eating - since I try to fast at least once or twice a week. Not because I'm religious but healthy reasons. I like carbs. My body just turns them into a keg around my belly.

On Google maps it said go to Greenwich steet and hang a left.

That was where Papaya dog was.

I thought it was a sign. A sign to have a hot dog.

So I had 2 dogs and a Coke. A Diet Coke. Which I only mention because in Texas - as with much of the South - "Coke" is also a generic term of soft drink. Other lesser areas call it soda. Or UGH pop.

2 dogs and a drink. $5. I almost fainted - I couldn't believe how cheap. Ate them. Enjoyed them and went on my way.

Met the guys at the restaraunt. As they were finishing. Sitting next to my friend AB who asked where I ate.

I said had to check another item off the restaraunt bucket list - a list I had explained to him in a trip to Memphis.

His reply - "You have the best food bucket list."

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