Lifetime With The Earps

You're My Huckleberry.

I keep switching what my favorite movie is.

But one of them is Tombstone.

Which for Generation X it is often considered the best western.

I'm not sure of that - I think choosing a best western movie is like choosing who is the best QB in NFL history.

It's a generational thing. You could make a case for Fort Apache. Or Outlaw Josey Wales. Or The Searchers.

But I have a longer history with Wyatt Earp.

In 8th Grade I had to do a biographical speech. My dad suggested Wyatt Earp because he liked the TV show growing up.

And me mentioned Earp was real. And once shot a guy in the back.

Which is true, but it was an ambush of ambush that is covered in Tombstone.

A decade or so later, I watched Tombstone for the first time.


When I needed to do a southern accent for a play - I just did Val Kilmer Doc Holliday.

My cowboy hat I picked because it looks like Wyatt wore.

But as I get older. I realize, I'm probably more like Virgil.

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