I Divulge The Secrets To Choosing A Pair of Cowboy Boots

If you want to buy a pair of cowboy boots then you should consult with a cowboy.

So I finally bought a cowboy hat.

My first real one as an adult.

And to go with it, the wife bought me a nice coat.

Now I feel a little silly wearing Sketchers.

I would just grab an random pair of boots from Walmart if I didn't spend half of my time in an airport.

So I told my father in law this. I didn't want the hassle of taking boots on and off.

He grew up on a farm. Though most people from outside of Texas would call it a ranch.

And he used to ride bulls for fun.

So yes he is a retired cowboy.

And he told me a pair of boots should fit like a glove.

And if it's a tight fit that you can't easily slide on or off - toss them aside.

And to get them from a real boot store. Not a discount store.

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