If you want to know more about me then this page is for you.

My name is Mark Wilcox.

Mark Wilcox fashionable nachos headshot

I have wanted to be an artist ever since I was a kid.

However, I had an unfortunate incident in junior high. My art teacher didn't like to teach junior high kids.

And just ripped me to shreds.

I gave up for 20 years.

Then I got a job where I had to travel quite a bit. And lots of downtime in hotels.

So slowly started to play around with drawing.

And one day I decided to share what I was working on in Facebook. I only intended it for my Mom since I didn't think anyone else would care.


Lots of my friends liked it.

So I kept at it.

While I someday want to create a comic book, I also have a soft spot for fashion illustration.

And so I put together a collection of work.

I also like to share stories about my life.

And thus I created Fashionable Nachos.

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